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Re: [henshin-user] LHS Match takes very long.

Hi Jürgen,

thanks for your interesting question, for convenience I'm attaching a screenshot of your rules.

The answer is yes, this behavior is expected here. The "find" rule is an example of a Performance Bad Smell called "LHS not connected" [1]. The matcher basically computes all possible combinations of A and B nodes (25000000 in your example), which can take pretty long. A more efficient strategy of handling such situations might be possible, but we currently fall short of providing one.

[1] See page 4 in

Kind regards,

Am 07.09.2017 um 13:39 schrieb Juergen Freund:
Dear Henshin users and developers,

attached you will find a project where I try to find 2 independent classes within a rather big graph (10000 nodes).

The rule I mean is called "find". If I execute it on the before mentioned graph on my machine it takes excessive long for the match.

But if a delete one of the classes of the rule it is pretty fast for the match.

I just wanted to ask, if this is normal behavior.

There is another rule "createMuch" which is used to build this big graph.

Kind regards,

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Freund
Arbeitsgruppe Ähnlichkeitsmechanik

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Universität Stuttgart
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