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[handly-dev] Behavior change regarding reconcile notifications

Greetings handly-dev,

I'd like to announce a change in behavior with regard to reconcile notifications (POST_RECONCILE events), introduced in master with commit a10055f87465dba37554dc8e9134c0ff3438c556. By default, we now report a CHANGED delta with both F_CONTENT and F_FINE_GRAINED flags set when a changed working copy has been reconciled, whether there are changes to the structure of the working copy (F_CHILDREN is set) or not (F_CHILDREN is no set).

Previously, we reported only changes to the working copy's structure. Also, when reporting structural changes, we didn't set the F_CONTENT flag (only F_CHILDREN and F_FINE_GRAINED were set).

Note that the new behavior can lead to flooding of registered listeners with a stream of [*] {F_CONTENT | F_FINE_GRAINED} POST_RECONCILE events as the user types in the source editor. Clients such as a content outline page that are not interested in these events should filter them out by checking the relevant flags. A new API ElementDeltas#isStructuralChange(IElementDelta) has been provided to facilitate that. Existing model implementations may need to update the code of their element change listeners to ensure they don't react to notifications they are not interested in. Note that default implementation of the content outline page provided by Handly Outline Framework has already been updated.

Please see bug 520897 and bug 521268 for more details.

Best regards,

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