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Re: [handly-dev] Project description

Hi Vlad,
Thanks for this feedback!
Of course, both the description and the architectual overview should be updated to 0.5, once the 0.5 is released.
Regarding the project description, I can perfectly understand the criticism, but I don't quite see a good solution, unfortunately.
First, the sentence you are referring to is part of the project's summary, which must be really concise. I failed to find a better way to describe the nature of the project in just a couple of sentences.
Also, the project's description (as opposed to the summary) is quite a bit larger than I would like. Actually, I have made many iterations on this, but the result is still not good enough apparently, although the text contains the necessary information including an answer to your questions: "Some common UI components such as an outline framework, quick outline and working set support are already supplied by Handly." Regarding the question "will there be a separate project for the components", honestly I don't know yet. I'm not a UI expert myself, so the UI components already provided are intended to serve more as an example of what is possible, although they are also actually used in production. It all depends on the interest of the community, which currently seems to be very low (sadly).
So, if you see how the description could be re-written in a better way, perhaps you could provide a draft? Contributions are always welcome ;-) Anyway, thanks again for the feedback! It is a good food for thought, certainly.

I re-read the project description at and I think there is something missing, namely a more detailed answer to "why handly?"

It is said that "The uniform API makes it possible to supply common IDE components dealing with Handly-based models", but it is not entirely clear

- which components those can be

- if some or all will be supplied by handly (if some, which ones? will there be a separate project for the components?)

- what the benefits of using a standard handle model are (these are mentioned in the text, but are not emphasized and are easy to miss)

BTW, I suppose that the description and the architectural overview should be updated to 0.5 too, or at the very least marked as deprecated, so that people don't get confused? 

best regards,

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