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[handly-dev] Project description


I re-read the project description atÂhttps://projects.eclipse.org/projects/technology.handly and I think there is something missing, namely a more detailed answer to "why handly?"

It is said that "The uniform API makes it possible to supply common IDE components dealing with Handly-based models", but it is not entirely clear

- which components those can be

- if some or all will be supplied by handly (if some, which ones? will there be a separate project for the components?)

- what the benefits of using a standard handle model are (these are mentioned in the text, but are not emphasized and are easy to miss)

BTW, I suppose that the description and the architectural overview should be updated to 0.5 too, or at the very least marked as deprecated, so that people don't get confused?Â

best regards,