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[gmt-dev] FW: New MDA discussion group

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> From: Aron van Ammers [mailto:ammers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 9:48 PM
> To: Ivan Kurtev; 'Ad Schrier'; 'Alfraed Rosheuvel'; 'Angel Rubio';
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> aksit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: New MDA discussion group
> Dear fellow MDAFA 2003 participant,
> Firstly let me excuse myself for sending you unsolicited 
> email. I hope the 
> contents will make up for this :)
> I wish to bring a new MDA discussion group under your 
> attention, namely the 
> mda-discussion Yahoo group mailing list 
> ( I hope for 
> the group to 
> become a central point for discussion about this new and 
> exciting but also 
> immature and sometimes confusing subject. A place to ask your 
> questions and 
> answer those of others, and to share your ideas and 
> experiences. Further 
> information on the group is provided at the end of this message.
> The mailing list is not backed or controlled by any 
> organization (i.e. this 
> has nothing to do with the announced MDA workgroup, I started 
> this myself 
> only because I believe there is no other broad and public 
> discussion group 
> yet). Discussion is unmoderated and public. Think of it as a 
> newsgroup.
> You can join the mailing list by going to the address above 
> or sending an 
> e-mail to the following address:
> mda-discussion-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> If you wish you can also reply to this e-mail, then I will 
> add you to the list.
> Of course feel free to forward this message to others who 
> might be interested!
> Kind regards,
> Aron van Ammers
> MDAFA 2003 participant
> ----
> Title :  Model Driven Architecture discussion
> Description :
> This group concerns the Model Driven Architecture 
( As
far as I (the moderator) know there is as yet no other open, broad
medium on this subject.
The language in this group is English.

The goal of the MDA discussion group is to provide an open, broad 
medium to help spread and develop ideas and knowledge about the Model Driven
Architecture and applications of it.

The MDA discussion group is focused on software development (as opposed to
systems development), although system engineering discussions are not
considered off topic as long as these discussions do not outgrow this list.

Some basic knowledge of MDA is assumed of the list members, i.e. questions
like "What is this MDA thing and how can I use it??" are off topic and can
answered by directing the person to and the available
literature on the subject.

Possible subjects of discussion include:
- Modelling and transformation standards
- Executable modelling and model compilers
- MDA methodologies
- Real-world MDA applications
- MDA tools
- MDA research
- anything else related to MDA

Announcements of commercial nature are prohibited.
This group and its moderator are in no way related to the Object Management

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