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[gmt-dev] Workflow example

Hi All

I also finally finished off my attempt at defining a Workflow
application in UMLX. Apologies not very ASAP - I did most of this
a fortnight ago. I hope this will cast some useful light on how
UMLX can specify complete applications while re-using existing

You may notice from the diagrams that I've sharpened up
UML compliance. Instances are now drawn with consistent underlines.
The updated UmlxDecoator is back under CVS.
Other changes will gradually appear as I tidy up.

I have upgraded the Umlx compiler so that it now handles a
sequence of transformations, previously it only did concurrent
transformations, so only the first transformation got syntax checked.
I think the attached is fully checked for connectivity, although type
checking is limited to just Instances at present. 

The compiler now emits a plausible information model describing
the multiple passes need to complete a sequence. I hope it won't
take too long for the execution engine to catch up. (I've avoided
updating CVS since the extra level of information model to describe
multiple-passses breaks exsiting functionality.)
Then it will just be a matter of doing the built-in
interactive transgorms and we might be there.

		Ed Willink

E.D.Willink,                             Email: mailto:EdWillink@xxxxxxx
Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd, Tel:  +44 118 923 8278 (direct)
Worton Drive,                            or  +44 118 986 8601 (ext 8278)
Worton Grange Business Park,             Fax:  +44 118 923 8399
Reading,   RG2 0SB
(formerly Racal Research and Thomson-CSF)

As the originator, I grant the addressee permission to divulge
this email and any files transmitted with it to relevant third parties.

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