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[gmt-dev] Uml2Rdbms example in UMLX

Hi All

At MDAFA'2003, Wim Bast mentioned that there was a standard
example which all QVT submitters should attempt. It turns out
to be our favourite UML to RDBMS posed in a more definitive way.

I finally got round to digging it out and doing it in UMLX.
The result is attached. I was pleased to discover that I needed
to introduce no new systax or resolve new semantics. Unfortuanbtely
the mailing list is OMG member-only so you may not be able to see
the alternatives. The UMLX solution is 100% graphical (including
small annotations). The Sun/Compuware solution claims to be
graphical but actually has 50% or more accompanying declarations.
The others are textual. The UMLX solution is based on and not
that different to the DSTC textual solution.

I would appreciate any comments from those more familiar with
RDBMS concepts than me before I pass it on to a QVT audience.

		Ed Willink

E.D.Willink,                             Email: mailto:EdWillink@xxxxxxx
Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd, Tel:  +44 118 923 8278 (direct)
Worton Drive,                            or  +44 118 986 8601 (ext 8278)
Worton Grange Business Park,             Fax:  +44 118 923 8399
Reading,   RG2 0SB
(formerly Racal Research and Thomson-CSF)

As the originator, I grant the addressee permission to divulge
this email and any files transmitted with it to relevant third parties.


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