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RE: [gmt-dev] Initial UMLX prototype


> Perhaps tools that are common should go into some "common" 
> area/project. 
> > For instance, should specialized Sun Java libraries be in 
> sub-projects?
> Ah no this would be silly wouldn't it? I assume that we would 
> just list this 
> as a prerequisite that ppl should obtain (link provided), 
> just as we would 
> list any other such requirements.

Perhaps we can make progress on solving where to locate the current
offenders by considering some new suspects.

In order to get the AddressBook example going for Ghica, I've discovered
how much skimping I'd done on attributes - they just got lost, and having
put them in, I find I'm implementing constraints at the wrong meta-level.
I thought I could use XSLT navigation, to go from A to B, but I have to go
via the reified Association or Composition in between first. So trivial
XSLT plug-in bodies won't do. I need proper expression interpretation, so
I might as well activate the OCL 2.0 parser that I wrote in January, rather
than bodge something that is restricted to a.b=c.d. XSLT is a really bad
language for text parsing. Sorry Ghica, I'm not going to get this working
this weekend.

Anyway, my OCL 2.0 parser is written in Java, or rather is generated into
Java from JFlex (Java version of lex/flex) and CUP (Java version of
[Please don't even mention JavaCC!]

JFlex is nicely packaged so that it runs directly from a jar file, so all
that is needed is JFlex.jar somewhere.

CUP could be packaged identically but isn't. It comes as a directory of java
that get build to give CUP, and a runtime sub-directory of java that
is required by generated code.

I would have put these at



Where do we want to put them ?

[I'm happy to keep the OCL parser source below umlx].

		Ed Willink

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