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[geomesa-users] Deprecations for GeoMesa 4.0

Hi all,

The GeoMesa team is working on a GeoMesa 3.2.0 release.  As this may be the last minor release in the 3.x series, we are looking to discuss and announce deprecations for a 4.0 release. 

Presently, we are looking at removing the following in 4.0:

  • Scala 2.11 support will be removed in GeoMesa 4.0.

  • Kudu support

  • Camel/GeoMesa-stream support

  • GeoJson module

  • GeoMesa-web module

  • GeoMesa-Jupyter module

  • Arrow multi-file and double pass scans

We can discuss this on this mailing list, Gitter, or the PR here:

Thanks in advance, and let me know if you have any feedback as we head for the next release!



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