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[geomesa-users] Z-Index Time Interval of hours



I just started working with geomesa. I’m planning to use it for storing traffic simulation data generated with MATSim ( Because a simulation run usually covers only a  single day, I thought it would make sense to have a Z-Index Time Interval of ‘hour’. Now, the documentation ( says that only ‘day’, ‘week’, ‘month’ and ‘year’ are supported. I tried to set the index of my schema to hourly intervals like so:


sft.getUserData().put("geomesa.z3.interval", "hour");


and my test set up stored and retrieved the feature I submitted to the store just fine.


Will geomesa silently fall back to another form of indexing or are smaller intervals than covered by the documentation supported?


Best Regards

Janek Laudan



Janek Laudan

Research Associate

Transport Systems Planning and Transport Telematics, TU Berlin



E-Mail:     laudan@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Skype:     live:janek.laudan


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