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Re: [etrice-dev] problem with standard headers

Hi Peter,

we have lots to do right now to prepare our demos for the Embedded World trade fair next week.
I will look into these problems as soon as I find some time, probably not before 10 days from now.

Just a short note: I observed the problems on my local Win7 64 bit machine. On Hudson I haven't enabled the C++ test yet.
The version I'm using is MinGW 0.3-alpha-1.


Am 20.02.2013 11:37, schrieb Karlitschek, Peter:
> Hi Henrik,
> what I found out was that the ant rule
> <fileset dir="${target.platform}/plugins/">
> did not work on my Win7 machine but worked on my XP machine. On both machines I had the environment variable
> ETRICE_TARGET_PLATFORM set in a way to point to the local eclipse installation directory.
> On Win7 ant always put the current directory in front of the target.platform string, assuming a relative address resulting in
> something like "C:\git\org.eclipse.etrice\tests\org.eclipse.etrice.generator.cpp.tests\"C:\Program Files
> (x86)\eclipse"\plugins". I tried using
> <fileset dir="/${target.platform}/plugins/">
> to force ant to absolute paths but it would still prepend a c: before the target.platform resulting in a bad pathc:"C:\Program
> Files (x86)\eclipse"\plugins.
> Following a hint from the web I tried setting target.platform = "c:/program files (x86)/eclipse" in the make.xml with / instead
> of \ and this worked for me. When I tried using the environment variable with / instead of \ this did not work.
> So for me there was no real solution I could deliver, only a local workaround - is there any ANT guru out there to fix this issue??
> Second: On the win7 machine the generator-tests for cpp were running flawlessly. I could not reproduce the problem with the
> standard headers !
> So I'm somehow at a loss with this issue.
> @Henrik: did you observe this issue on your local machine or on the jenkins machine ? What was the exact installation of MinGW
> on this machine?
> Best regards,
> Peter
>     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     *From:* Henrik Rentz-Reichert [mailto:hrr@xxxxxxxxx]
>     *Sent:* Wednesday, 13. February 2013 16:35
>     *To:* eTrice developer mailing list
>     *Cc:* Karlitschek, Peter
>     *Subject:* Re: [etrice-dev] problem with standard headers
>     Hi Peter,
>     the classpath for the generator is the weak point here (and definitely deserves improvement).
>     I dropped e.g.
>                     <include name="org.eclipse.emf.ecore_2.8*.jar" />
>     and / failed.
>     In the output folder you will find in this case
>     /
>     with the contents
>     java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/emf/ecore/EObject
>     Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject
>     	at$
>     	at Method)
>     	at
>     	at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
>     	at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(
>     	at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
>     	at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(
>     Could not find the main class:  Program will exit.
>     Exception in thread "main" 
>     To fix the problem you should compare the includes in make.xml, lines 94ff with the contents of ${ETRICE_TARGET_PLATFORM}.
>     The problematic point is that (part of) the expected version number is specified in the includes.
>     So in some cases a change of even the minor version would lead to an empty result.
>     Be careful with the fix that you don't break users with an older set of plug-ins.
>     I am no Ant expert. But I assume it should be possible to re-use parts of the make.xml for all three generator tests.
>     That could be extracted and moved to org.eclipse.etrice.generator.common.tests.
>     Then we could avoid having to apply a fix in three places.
>     Hope that helps,
>     Henrik
>     Am 13.02.2013 11:53, schrieb Karlitschek, Peter:
>>     Hi all,
>>     in Order to debug the issue, I have made a fresh install of eclipse and cloned the etrice git repository on a Windows7 machine. Unfortunately I cannot run the generator tests for cpp ( nor or C or JAVA ). The ant script stops where the\ class should be loaded with a failure.
>>     My setup:
>>     Eclipse Juno 32-bit, Modeling Edition
>>     Xtext,Xtend 2.3.1
>>     Graphiti 0.9.1
>>     CDT 8.1.1
>>     JDK_1_6-39
>>     Did I miss anything in the installation instructions? 
>>     Any idea?
>>     - Peter
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>>>     Subject: [etrice-dev] problem with standard headers
>>>     Hi all,
>>>     we're encountering a problem with the unit test (rather end 
>>>     to end tests, [1]) for the C++ generator.
>>>     The code compiles and runs fine under MinGW on 32 bit systems.
>>>     But with MinGW64 there seem to be incompatible types (at 
>>>     least the timespec) which are defined in both, pthread.h and timer.h.
>>>     Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue?
>>>     -Henrik
>>>     [1] 
>>>     sts/org.eclipse.etrice.generator.cpp.tests
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