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Re: [etrice-dev] problem with standard headers

Hi all,
in Order to debug the issue, I have made a fresh install of eclipse and cloned the etrice git repository on a Windows7 machine. Unfortunately I cannot run the generator tests for cpp ( nor or C or JAVA ). The ant script stops where the\ class should be loaded with a failure.

My setup:
Eclipse Juno 32-bit, Modeling Edition
Xtext,Xtend 2.3.1
Graphiti 0.9.1
CDT 8.1.1

Did I miss anything in the installation instructions? 
Any idea?

- Peter

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> Subject: [etrice-dev] problem with standard headers
> Hi all,
> we're encountering a problem with the unit test (rather end 
> to end tests, [1]) for the C++ generator.
> The code compiles and runs fine under MinGW on 32 bit systems.
> But with MinGW64 there seem to be incompatible types (at 
> least the timespec) which are defined in both, pthread.h and timer.h.
> Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue?
> -Henrik
> [1] 
> sts/org.eclipse.etrice.generator.cpp.tests
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