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Re: [equinox-dev] persistently identify a container

I changed the subject of the chain also, it was (no subject) before :)

We could provide some UUID that represents the storage area used for the running framework.  But that also has issues because we allow multiple instances to be run out of the same read-only storage area.  But I could see that working as long as you ensure that you only launch one framework per framework storage area.  Perhaps you should open a bugzilla to discuss.  We could consider prototyping something in Equinox and then if it turns out to work well propose it back to the OSGi specification.


From:        Cristiano Gavião <cvgaviao@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        10/29/2014 01:10 PM
Subject:        Re: [equinox-dev] (no subject)
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I wrongly pressed the button before complete the message, sorry.

The question is, what is a good alternative to persistently identify a container in the network?

2014-10-29 16:07 GMT-02:00 Cristiano Gavião <cvgaviao@xxxxxxxxx>:
Iwould like to create a master table of installed OSGi framework containers in the network (using Zookeeper or other like it) and centralize configuration properties for them.

Initially I thought about using the org.osgi.framework.Constants.FRAMEWORK_UUID property. But I found that this value is generated every time the framework is relaunched.

"Tudo vale a pena se a alma não é pequena..."

"Tudo vale a pena se a alma não é pequena..."
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