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[equinox-dev] Equinox Aspects and OSGi Weaving Hook Service Specification (56)

Hi all!

Could you please clarify for me whether the Equinox Aspects is the
implementation of OSGi Weaving Hook Service Specification? The thing
that confuses me is that Equinox Aspects was last update May 1 2009
(according to it's home page and is
still in incubator state with Milestone 7 as the latest version while
OSGi Weaving Hook Service Specification (56) was added to the
specification starting with version 4.3 which was released about a
month ago.

If the Equinox Aspects really is the implementation of this
specification then what is the current status of this project, what is
it's latest version and is it stable?

If the Equinox Aspects is NOT the implementation of the specification
mentioned then what are the differences between the two and what can
help me in choosing between them.

Thanks in advance...

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