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[equinox-dev] CFP OSGi DevCon 2010 with EclipseCon 2010 in Santa Clara, Mar 22-25

I guess this message is mostly superfluous, people on this list are probably highly aware of OSGi DevCon? Well, it is in conjunction with Eclipse 2010 in Santa Clara, Mar 22-25. It is a sub-conference of Eclipse Con. We are currently looking for OSGi DevCon submissions. Key areas this year are Enterprise (we intend to publish the Enterprise Release 4.2 during EclipseCon), Residential Automation, and Tooling. As a developer in the OSGi Framework that is very popular in Enterprise (not to speak of tooling!) you must have lots of experience that is interesting to OSGi developers and other users. We've prepared a page with all the details:


The submission period is relatively short: the deadline is December 18! As an Eclipse developer you're in an excellent position to provide information about OSGi to other developers as well as the general public. This is a perfect opportunity to teach others about your hard work as well as getting a chance to influence the people that are working on the specifications, most will actually be there. Please consider participating in OSGi DevCon 2010. We're very much looking forward to that participation!

The OSGi DevCon Program Committee
(Tim Diekmann, Mike Francis, Christer Larsson, Andreas Kraft, and Peter Kriens)