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[equinox-dev] Problem loading Native Library



Some days ago I tried to load LIRC packages in a bundle in order to other bundles were able to use them, the problem was that these packages used libjunixsocket.so native library, so I tried to include this library in my bundle adding Bundle-NativeCode: header in the Manifest.MF.


My manifest is as shown below:


Bundle-NativeCode: libjunixsocket.so ;

 processor = i386 ; osname = Linux,*


I export from Eclipse this bundle and I get a .jar file where If I unzip it, I get  three files:

-META-INF folder

-org packages where are the classes which other bundles need



I also typed -vmargs -Djava.library.path=path_where_libjunixsocket.so_is when I launch Equinox.jar framework in order to say Ubuntu where libjunixsocket.so is.


But I have always the same result:


Error: BundleException:….

Caused by: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializaerError


I think it is caused by the Native library, because of I have launched a simple java application without Equinox with this packages and it worked fine.



Am I missing something?


Should I include Bundle-Classpath: header?


Thank you in advance


My steps are the next:


1-  I use Eclipse on Windows XP.

2-  I export the bundles using Export funtion in eclipse

3-  I install the jar files in Equinox framework using console mode in Ubuntu

4-  I launch Equinox in console mode in Ubuntu


Could it be a problem to compile the Jar files with the packages which generate the Native.so file in Windows while I am going to use in Ubuntu?


Thank you in advance