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Re: [equinox-dev] Autostarting Bundles

OK, I am geting closer.  I created a simple OGGi bundle, created a
feature for it, and created a site for it.

In the P2 console, I can add the repo and do a provliu and see the
feature.  I actually see the feature, a feature group, and the actual

I added a profile called 'hello' to my container.  However, when I try
to instal any of these, I get the following:

installation failed Cannot complete the install because one or more
required items could not be found.

I can't find any additional logging information to help me track this
down.  The feature I am trying to install is very simplistic and has
no dependencies.

Here is the output of provliu
osgi> provliu
a.jre 1.6.0
config.a.jre 1.6.0
hello_feature.feature.group 1.0.0
hello_feature.feature.jar 1.0.0
helloosgi 1.0.0
tooling.org.eclipse.update.feature.default 1.0.0
tooling.osgi.bundle.default 1.0.0
tooling.source.default 1.0.0

Any thoughts?

P.S.  Thanks for ll the feedback so far.

On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi JB,
> J B wrote:
>> <stuff deleted>
>> I was able to get the P2 console started, but haven't been able to
>> figure out how to provision a bundle using yet.  Anyone have
>> experience with doing that?
> Yes.  The main things to do:
> 1) Create a 'group iu' in your repository.  This can easily be done by
> (e.g.) creating a feature in Eclipse and exporting the feature to an
> existing repository.
> 2) install the group iu with the console 'provinstall' command (after adding
> the repo via provaddartifactrep and provaddrepo [I think these are the
> command names]).
> 3) use the confapply command to apply the configuration to a running
> instance
> Scott
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