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Re: [equinox-dev] Reg : Loading bundles to OSGI framwork

Generally this is done by installing/starting a bundle which installs the rest of your bundles. This is what Eclipse does with the org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator bundle. This bundle understands the mete-data managed by the p2 management system in Equinox. But you don't have to use p2. You can develop your own simple bundle that installs bundles in what ever way you want. You can also look at something like file install from felix (http://felix.apache.org/site/apache-felix-file-install.html)

The config.ini file is used to configure your initial "boot" strap bundle so it can be installed and activated. But eventually you will want a more complete management story for your OSGi based product. When you get to that point I strongly encourage you to investigate using p2 in Equinox to manage your system.



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[equinox-dev] Reg : Loading bundles to OSGI framwork

Hi all ,
I am relatively new user of Equinox . I dont know whether the same question had been asked before or not .

In our project we intend to use Equinox . I would like to know what are the possible ways to load bundles into OSGI framwork .

I know we can use config.ini , Is there any other way to load a set of bundles to the framwork ? . To understand the technology better , we are not using Eclipse , for even gerenating Mainfest file . So apart from these options , is there any way to load a set of
bundles from a predefined location ( like can we have a bundle , which loads all other bundles ) ?? . Kinldy request you to give your comments.

Thanks in advance
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