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Re: [equinox-dev] BSF, Groovy, OSGi - class resolution

2008/10/9 Craig Phillips <lcphillips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I'm attempting to do groovy a la BSF, as embedded in an OSGi/equinox bundle...
I get this "unable to resolve class" exception on something like the following:
import org.osgi.service.log.* // seems to get passed this line
def logger = new LogService(); // exception is thrown here
I have been surfing for help, but the only thing I get is along the lines of external classpath options (versus using the classes as loaded into the bundle)...
Any ideas/suggestions?   Thanks, Craig Phillips, Praxis
PS - I'm not considering javax.scripting (jsr-223 I believe) at this time...

even though you're not considering jsr-223, you might want
to look at the OSGi scripting work done by Hendy Irawan:


as that might give you some hints how to solve this issue
( afaik Groovy 1.5.7-SNAPSHOT has OSGi manifests )

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Cheers, Stuart