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Re: [equinox-dev] Starting equinox framework in program

   Thanks again. The reason why I did not install my plug-in in my application is: my application is not an RCP-based application, most of them might be headless application or web UI application. I developed this plug-in because I was building an IDE to support the development and monitor Equinox-based application, and my monitor plug-in is part of this IDE. 
   I have thought about using Runtime.exec() to start my another Equinox framework, but how can I get BundleContext using this method?

2008/9/4 Meng Xin Zhu <zhumx@xxxxxxxxxx>

Why not install those plug-ins in your application? Then your plug-in can be in charge of monitoring and manging those plug-ins. The EclipseStarter.startup you called in your plug-in that is the main function of your app. You can easily find that Equinox prevents the framework running again if it's running in the source code of EclipseStarter. If you want to start another Equinox framework, try Runtime.exec.