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Re: [equinox-dev] Starting equinox framework in program

  Thanks for your reply. 
   Yes, my plug-in is an UI Eclipse plugin. And it's true that Equinox framework will be start firstly when Eclipse launched. But the problem is the Equinox framework I want to start is not the framework of Eclipse platform where my plug-in is install in. The Equinox framework I want to start is another framework (application), and all the bundle is in a folder. 
  I want to start another Equinox framework through my plug-in, and install all the bundles of the application through my plug-in, then I can control and monitor the bundles on the Equinox framework. For that my plug-in is a Bundle Monitor tool to control another Equinox-based application.

2008/9/4 Meng Xin Zhu <zhumx@xxxxxxxxxx>

As you said your application is an Eclipse plug-in, I assume it's RCP application whether it has UI or not. Equiiox(OSGi) framework would be started firstly when your application launch, then your plug-in can obtain BundleContext in its bundle activator. Don't need explicitly call EclipseStarter.startup to launch OSGi framework.