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Re: [equinox-dev] tests are needed for compendium implementations

Hi Thomas,

We have automated tests for the DS, IO and Wireadmin in our own format. We can contribute them but this will take some time because of the need tests to be rewritten in Eclipse test format.

We did not have our own tests for the initial provisioning. We test it with OSGi test case and with our remote management product - mPower Remote Manager (http://www.prosyst.com/products/back_end_mgmt.html).

-Pavlin Dobrev


Dr. Pavlin Dobrev, Research and Development Manager

ProSyst Labs EOOD, 

48 Vladaiska Str., Sofia, Bulgaria, 

Tel. (+359 2) 954 91 62 . Fax. (+359 2) 953 26 17 

p.dobrev@xxxxxxxxxxx , http://www.prosyst.com 


stay in touch with your product. 



The compendium bundles in equinox are in serious need of automated tests. For the 3.5 release we need to create junit tests for each of the compendium bundles. I have created a new project in compendium to start releasing new testcases for our compendium bundles under:


Chris Aniszczyk was kind enough to contribute a few UserAdmin tests which I have seeded into the new project. I know Simon Kaegi has his own tests for ConfigurationAdmin which I would like to be integrated into the org.eclipse.equinox.compendium.tests. But we have lots of other compendium bundles that need test coverage. 

Pavlin and Stoyan, do you have automated tests for org.eclipse.equinox.ds, org.eclipse.equinox.io, org.eclipse.equinox.ip, and org.eclipse.equinox.wireadmin that can be contributed for the bundles you own?

This is also an opportunity for anyone trying to get familiar or involved with Equinox and OSGi to develop testcases. Any help from the community is greatly appreciated. Thanks.