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Re: [equinox-dev] Need help starting an OSGI based project

This should be asked on the the newsgroups.

Summary is that you should use the eclipse executable.  it is available for many many platforms. The PDE tooling contains comprehensive tooling.  Even if you are just using Equinox, get the RCP book and pretend you are making and RCP app without the UI.  Everything is the same.

starting from a script is ok but does no integrate well into the desktop.  Taskbar, dock, what have you are not well hooked and there can be strange behaviour. all depends on your scenario


Vinayak Joshi wrote:

I have been asked to base a new application on the OSGi framework choosing Equinox as the runtime. After my initial few weeks of study I have a few questions that I need clarified since I couldn't find any direct answers for these (or perhaps didn't manage to reach the right resources):

1. As per the quick start guide I can launch equinox through:  

 java -jar org.eclipse.osgi_x.y.z.jar -console

However, there are launchers available for most platforms too. I want to know as to
which approach I should be taking - use a launcher to start my application or stick to a script that runs "java -jar org.eclipse.osgi_x.y.z.jar -console" etc? Any trade-offs between the two?

2. In case I have to use the launcher due to some reasons, then if I were to package my application as a product and distribute it - would that mean users launching the product via eclipse.exe?  Any other way?

Please point me to any resources that deal with step-by-step on building products based on equinox runtime. I am really new to this stuff so any help would be really appreciated!


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