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[equinox-dev] Equinox bugs

As I mentioned earlier, the Equinox move to RT is in progress. Today the ever helpful webmaster team moved the bug bucket to its new home under RT . It seems that many of the queries continue to work as they are based on "product" (in bugzilla terms) so hopefully you will not experience much disruption. Of course, people looking to enter bugs will have to go RT>Equinox rather than Eclipse>Equinox.

Note also that the "Bundles" component has been renamed to be "Compendium" in reference to the OSGi conpendium spec. This is the component in which you should enter bugs against standard OSGi srevice implementations. There is a new bucket called Components for the random collection of things that are not OSGi standard (e.g., extnesion registry, transforms, ...) Otherwise the bug structure remains pretty much as it was.

Those wishing to follow progress on the move or raise issues should see

Jeff & Tom

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