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[equinox-dev] JAR file references in Equinox Hooks?

Quite some time ago, I added a classloader hook bundle for my EclipseME plugin to allow EclipseME to do a bit of rewriting of a JDT class and provide a hook that I needed to introduce preprocessed source code handling. This code has been working for quite some time. It includes use of the ASM library packaged as classes within the hook's JAR file.

As this functionality is being ported to the official Eclipse MTJ project, there is a concern from Eclipse legal concerning packaging the ASM classes in this way. In order to pass legal approval, the ASM JAR file needs to be used as-is. This leads to my question. Is it possible for an Equinox hook bundle to reference a JAR file in the bundle classpath in some way? I know at the time that I implemented this functionality a couple of years ago that I could not get this to work. My hope is that there is a way and I just wasn't doing things right. I'd appreciate any insights that the Equinox team can give me on behalf of the MTJ project.


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