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[equinox-dev] I am depressed! getting equinox + spring-osgi + spring-web-mvc together is a nightmare...

Hi All,

First, thanks a lot for your huge work ;)

For the basic usage of spring, basically loading beans from an xml
definition the setup is working.

My issue. starting from eclipse 3.4, I installed spring-osgi and I try
to make equinox and spring-mvc coexist , but it's a terrible
nightmare. For example, spring-osgi-web-mvc depends on javax.servlet
2.5 (and maybe jetty 6.X I'm not sure) and Equinox export
javax.servlet 2.4. There are also the listener and filters defined on
the web.xml  (even implemented in the bundle Activation it wont work)

I also tried to install equinox versions from cvs incubation without
any success, I always have a dependency problem. But the worst is the
eclipse crashes. After those modifications (adding spring
bundles+spring jars+ last equinox features) eclipse becomes really
unstable and crash after some ctrl+s.

Of course I cant remove the spring dependencies, and springsource (the
osgi container)  features are not what we need. Equinox features are
definitively better...

Is there any way to get spring-mvc running on eclipse equinox?


osgi & spring mvc sample:

spring mvc basic sample:

ps. sorry for my bad english.

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