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Re: [equinox-dev] Equinox/Eclipse RCP JAAS integration/sample

Hi Marcelo,
That page seems to be quite outdated and probably is not a good starting point. There is some documentation found in the Help file shipped with Eclipse 3.4:

   Platform Plug-in Developer Guide -> Programmer's Guide -> Runtime Overview -> Security -> Login based on JAAS

The sample bundle ( can be found in the Equinox incubator under
   Head / equinox-incubator / security /

It uses* bundles supplied in the Equinox 3.4. If needed, the source code for those bundles can be found under
   Head / org.eclipse.equinox / security / bundles

(this last location will change in a week or two as Equinox moves to become a part of the Runtime project).

As far as implementations go, the starting points would be that Help page, the following extension points:                -> an alternative to JAAS config file to supply configuration description for a name                -> maps configuration name to the callback handler                        -> a way to describe                        -> a way to describe

and you can take a look at the AuthApplication class from the as one example as to how they can be used.


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[equinox-dev] Equinox/Eclipse RCP JAAS integration/sample


We are trying to use the security plugin mentioned on this  wiki page:

It talks about a product configuration file
(, but we could not
find this file anywhere on the cvs server.

It this the correct location?

We are really interested in using the eclipse 3.4 jaas integration but
we are having a lot of difficulty with it.

Somebody can give us some light about this issue? There are more
documentation somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

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