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Re: [equinox-dev] P2 touchpoint instructions doc

I have now written a wiki page: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_Touchpoint_Instructions describing the touchpoint instructions for the native and eclipse touchpoints, their parameters, and how I think it works after reading the code. There are places where I need help (indicated by blue comment boxes), but I may have gotten other things wrong as well.

It is probably of value to also describe the parameters inserted by the engine as these can be used in parameter substitution. I don't know if it is intended, but it seems very powerful to be able to reference the "previous value". Shall I just make a list of what I find, and include it?

So, I hope someone has time to review and comment on the documentation on the wiki page.


On 18 jun 2008, at 19.13, Simon Kaegi wrote:

> - How can I learn what the input to the actions are? Some parameters  
> look like they are provided by the runtime (i.e. not specified in the  
> iu touchpoint data). If there is no documentation, I can write up a  
> list of what I think the parameter are and ask for someone to review.

That would be incredibly appreciated.