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Re: [equinox-dev] Installer and agent data location

As you mentioned earlier, the /p2 directory is not created by the installer
in the installation directory.
I also noticed that the /p2 directory is created and updated [when the
eclipse is running] in the install directory (the directory where the
installer was).
I think that the installer forget to move or, somehow, is not moving the /p2
directory to the installation directory.

1. I did not find a bug for this. Is there one to keep me on track of this?

In RC4, I noticed that the /features directory is back. The installer
delivered in the RC4 is not creating the /features directory also.

2. I did not find a bug for this. Is there one to keep me on track of this?


Pedro Carneiro

Pedro Carneiro wrote:
> What I noticed is that when I select the standalone installation option
> the /p2/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.touchpoint.eclipse/plugins directory (of
> the installer root directory) is copied to the /plugins directory (on the
> installation directory). Even though the /p2 directory does not exist in
> the installation directory it works fine.
> The problem I'm facing [and I think that probably you're facing too] is
> about the shared installation option that does not copy the
> /p2/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.touchpoint.eclipse/plugins directory to the
> @user.home/.p2 directory. So, Eclipse is sharing all common plugins in the
> installer directory instead of in the user home directory. In this way, if
> we remove the installer directory, as suggested in the Eclipse wiki, the
> eclipse installation does not works anymore.
> 1. Is there a bug to solve this problem or any available workaround?
> I also noticed that I can not use the same p2installer to perform
> standalone and share installations. I tried to do this (first the
> standalone installation - that was ok -, and second the shared
> installation) and the shared installation does not worked. It gives me a
> "The Eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared
> library." message.
> 2.1. Was this bug reported previously?
> 2.2. Is there any available workaround to this?
> Thanks,
> Pedro Carneiro
> Torkild UlvÃy Resheim-2 wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been tweaking the new p2 installer to suit our needs and things are
>> looking good except that I can't get the p2 agent data (the "p2" folder)
>> to end up in the correct place. It always ends up in the root folder of
>> the installer, not in the root folder of the installation.
>> Testing the original installer code (from HEAD) yields the same result
>> even though looking at the code indicates that the p2 folder should be
>> placed at the installation root when doing a standalone install. This is
>> confirmed by the wiki pages for the installer which states that the
>> installer may be removed when done. You may do that, but then the
>> installation won't be p2-ized anymore.
>> I've also tried to set "eclipse.p2.agentLocation=@xxxxxxxxx/.p2" in the
>> installer properties with the same result.
>> I suspect that there is a bug somewhere which causes the launcher's
>> "eclipse.p2.data.area" to be used regardless. Any pointers on how to
>> resolve this?
>> -- 
>> Torkild
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