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[equinox-dev] Installer and agent data location


I've been tweaking the new p2 installer to suit our needs and things are
looking good except that I can't get the p2 agent data (the "p2" folder)
to end up in the correct place. It always ends up in the root folder of
the installer, not in the root folder of the installation.

Testing the original installer code (from HEAD) yields the same result
even though looking at the code indicates that the p2 folder should be
placed at the installation root when doing a standalone install. This is
confirmed by the wiki pages for the installer which states that the
installer may be removed when done. You may do that, but then the
installation won't be p2-ized anymore.

I've also tried to set "eclipse.p2.agentLocation=@xxxxxxxxx/.p2" in the
installer properties with the same result.

I suspect that there is a bug somewhere which causes the launcher's
"eclipse.p2.data.area" to be used regardless. Any pointers on how to
resolve this?