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Re: [equinox-dev] pack200 - are packed features supported?

From a brief look at the code, it appears that  the old update (org.eclipse.update.core) only runs unpack on plugin jars and not on feature jars.  It shouldn't even look for .pack.gz files for the features, if you are failing does that mean your update site only contains pack.gz files and not the normal jars?  (Generally, it was suggested that both should be placed on the update site in case of a failure with pack200).

I'm not sure for certain, but I expect that p2 would support pack200 on all jars since everything is an IU and they are just artifacts.

As an aside, note that the pack200 compression works on .class files.  So, in general there is not much to be gained by packing features.


Janet Dmitrovich <jdmitrov@xxxxxxxxxx>
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06/04/2008 04:52 PM

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[equinox-dev] pack200 - are packed features supported?

Question on pack200

I packed a feature jar and the associated plugins, and packaged them into an update site.
Tried to install via update manager - the install failed.

However if I use an unpacked feature jar, but include packed plugins in the update site then the install is successful.
Is there something special about feature jars and pack200

thanks, Janet

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