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AW: [equinox-dev] Possible to use custom threadpool

Hi Tom,

thanks for your efforts. I will try to find out if - fort he time being -
patching Equinox would be a feasible solution. Any pointers where to look?


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Betreff: Re: [equinox-dev] Possible to use custom threadpool

Hi Olaf,

Currently Equinox spawns its own Threads to perform asynchronous event
delivery and perform asynchronous operations (such as PackageAdmin and
StartLevel operations). There is no way to plugin an external threadpool for
Equinox to use. 

OSGi is considering a specification on how Framework implementations should
operate when they are embedded in an existing environment. I opened a bug
against OSGi to investigate if an external thread pool should be able to be
specified when embedding an OSGi Framework.


"Olaf Bergner" ---06/04/2008 02:57:16 PM---Hello, we are investigating the
possibility to use Equinox as some kind of high-end


"Olaf Bergner" <olaf.bergner@xxxxxx>




06/04/2008 02:57 PM


[equinox-dev] Possible to use custom threadpool


we are investigating the possibility to use Equinox as some kind of high-end
plugin container for a massive legacy J2EE app. Therefore, we are tasked
with embedding Equinox into our J2EE application server, i.e. BEA WLS 9.2.
Preliminary discussion with our operating team have revealed that an
embedded OSGi container must not spawn its own threads but rather use those
provided and managed by the WLS. This requirement is not to be relaxed,
period ;-)

This begs the question whether it is possible to tell Equinox to use an
external threadpool. I this possible out of the box, or what would be the
steps involved to make it possible?


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