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RE: [equinox-dev] Feature complete?

Will do. And thanks to everyone on the p2 team for meeting this great challenge. p2 is an important technology advancement that has a lot of us install guys in the industry very excited. I realize how important it was to reach feature parity with the update manager and your conviction to get there was very noticable. I look forward to working with you even closer in the very near future and to spreading the good p2 word to all my counterparts in the community.
Congrats and thank you!

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With M7 out the door, eclipse 3.4 is now feature complete. For the first release of p2, the feature completion metric was "Update Manager". This means that p2 had to provide equivalent functionality to those of UM and also be backward compatible with it.

With M7, we believe we are done. That said, since we are replacing a system that has been around for years, we would like to know if you agree with us. How? Simply use p2 in the same way you use to use UM and let us know through bug reports of any problem / limitation you are encountering.

Thanks in advance, and happy provisioning.