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[equinox-dev] Dropins support not fixed

Earlier today we contributed to the rebuild to address issues with the
links and dropins folders. Unfortunately, the changes made it worst and now
it no longer works (see bug 222370).

That said, I'm making the claim that with p2 you (as someone adopting I
builds every week) no longer need these mechanisms since it is possible to
*update* from one I-build to another without loosing what is installed.
This means that if today you install through p2 a plug-in from any update
site, it will stay with you :-).

So now, how do you verify that this claim is true? Simply go to the Help >
Software Updates, "Available Features" and drag & drop the following URL on
the dialog (or you can choose to click on the "manage sites..." button).
This site contains each SDK I-builds as well as the releng tools. Therefore
if you are looking for updates and have Tuesday's I-build installed you
will be able to just update to Wednesday's I build and later to the
Thursday's build that I'm requesting now (our map files are not updated