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[equinox-dev] [prov] How best to help the user through incompatible/bad provisioning plans

Hi, everyone.
I've been struggling with how to handle the case where the user has automatic updates on, we find updates, but the resulting provisioning plan for those updates is not OK. Meaning, there is some incompatibility/problem. Do we tell the user? Do we let them try to update anyway? etc. etc...

This issue also applies to provisioning actions the user selects. They select A, B, C and say "Install..." but the resolver can't find a plan that satisfies everything. What then? We currently just report the (often cryptic) error. Should we let them try anyway, or at least open the wizard and let them check/uncheck things until they get a good solution?

If you have any thoughts in this area, could you please read and respond in this bug?