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[equinox-dev] Fw: [Bug 214801] [api tools] consider Export-Package as API

Tom raises a good point that we keep letting slide.  Are we going to ensure that all export package statements have version numbers for 3.4?  If we have API tooling for this then it would likely be reasonable to start doing.  Even without tooling today, we could introduce version numbers based on the bundle version number for this release and then evolve from there (with tooling that will come in the future).


----- Forwarded by Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM on 01/11/2008 01:22 PM -----

01/11/2008 10:50 AM

Jeff McAffer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
[Bug 214801] [api tools] consider Export-Package as API

Product/Component: PDE / Incubators

--- Comment #2 from Thomas Watson <tjwatson@xxxxxxxxxx>  2008-01-11 10:50:13 -0400 ---
I agree with the concept.  All exported packages which are not marked
x-internal:=true should be versioned.  Without this it makes using
Import-Package very limiting because you cannot specify what version of the
package you require.  Packages marked as x-friends are questionable, but I can
see friend bundles depending on a particular friend package version.

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