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[equinox-dev] Released for I-Build

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 203599. [Registry] Events are not delivered if jobs bundle has been
stopped (FIXED)
+ Bug 206942. SubMonitor does not work as speced in regard to infinite
progress (FIXED)
+ Bug 210394. SubMonitor.convert(SubMonitor) isn't useful (FIXED)
+ Bug 211745. [sec] Graduate signedcontent API and related services (FIXED)
+ Bug 212313. RCP app with Web Start puts osgi in an infinite Loop (FIXED)
+ Bug 213530. [sec] new test fail because test bundles are not signed (NEW)
+ Bug 213791. Calling Bundle.start(START_ACTIVATION_POLICY) on STARTING
bundle causes activation (FIXED)

The following projects have changed: