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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] Gzipped artifacts.xml




  From:       Stefan Liebig <Stefan.Liebig@xxxxxxxxxxxx>                                                                                      
  To:         Equinox development mailing list <equinox-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>                                                                      
  Date:       12/19/2007 09:45 AM                                                                                                             
  Subject:    [equinox-dev] [prov] Gzipped artifacts.xml                                                                                      

I have committed a version of SimpleArtifactRepository/Factory that
works with gzipped artifacts.xml.The compression ratio is about 1/12-1/16.
Reading artifacts.xml first tries the gzipped version
(artifacts.xml.gzip) and if that fails it will try with the ungzipped
version (artifacts.xml) as before. Writing currently produces always the
gzipped version. I think this is not always that what is wanted, e.g.
when you want to store it locally and it should not be transferred.
Unfortunately the SimpleArtifactRepository.save() method is called
(almost) from ´inside´ when an artifact has been added to the repository
and so controlling how it should be saved has to be decided when a
SimpleArtifactRepository is created (constructor parameter).
The fact that the artifacts.xml is written each time an artifact is
added is expensive, especially if it is gzipped! Maybe some post
processing would be better.
To turn off gzipped writing simply change the
SimpleArtifactRepository.save() method to:
    public void save() {


Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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