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[equinox-dev] classLoader.getResources("META-INF/.resource")

I am little stuck with osgi while loading resources. My problem is to load
all "META-INF/.resource" resources from all exporting bundles in osgi
runtime. But classLoader.getResources("META-INF/.resource") returns empty
enumeration. Bundle where this is done is a legacy library converted to
Osgi plugin. Maximum I can do to legacy bundle is to change the manifest.
It does many Class.forName(), So i have put dynamic import as * there that
solves many class loading problem. All bundles that is having
META-INF/.resource is exporting META-INF package. There is also a bundle
that does not have .resource but exports META-INF for some other resource.
Unfortunately my legacy bundle gets wired to this bundle when when
getResources is done. Hence its returning empty enumeration. Had it been
wired to one of the .resource containing bundle atleast enumeration would
not been empty, though it would have returned only one.

I am kinda stuck, please help me.