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[equinox-dev] [prov] several bugs conspire to prevent a good testing experience

I've spent a couple hours this morning trying to do some testing, and as part of it, I was hoping to build a version of the end user UI that was in my workspace and install it into a provisioned SDK so that I could test some uncommitted work..... (Yes, I should be self hosting, more on that in a minute...)

I had already downloaded a full I20071127-0800 zip file earlier in the week, so rather than get it from the http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/testUpdates, I generated the metadata locally. Otherwise, I'm trying to use the code on the update site.

- I can provision the SDK. (good)
- I build/generate the metadata for my in-workspace end user UI.... (feeling powerful...)

- I can't install the generated UI into the provisioned UI using the agent due to:

- OK, I can provision the end user UI I20071127-0800 on the test update site. (good, but not really what I want.)
- Now I try to update the end user UI from the provisioned SDK. I fail with
[prov] unconfigure error - cannot upgrade end user UI due to missing artifact

- Go back to the agent and uninstall the end user UI I20071127-0800 (so that I can install the other one)
- Try to install it again, still blocked by:
- Reinstall I20071127-0800 of the end user UI
- Try to upgrade it from the agent this time
BOOM! It appears to succeed but now my install is corrupt
(see https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=211483)

- Decide that what I should really be doing is self hosting, so try to install the self hosting I20071127-0800
- Cannot because of unsatisified dependencies

After each failure, I wiped my profile data area, launch config area, local metadata, and profile install folder clean to make sure that previous failures didn't corrupt things.
(And I had time to compose this note each time I had to add the remote update repo....)

It seems I can't really generate and upgrade to my latest UI work, and I can't install self hosting based on I20071127, so I can't test what I want to test....