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Re: [equinox-dev] Re: ContextFinder stops at first bundle class loader

> I know about buddy class loading. But I want to avoid it. If the context
> finder would look further up the stack and not abort on the first bundle
> class loader it finds things would actually work without buddy class
> loading. I was just wondering if the context finder could be (or should
> not be) enhanced to support this.
> -Gunnar

The design of ContextFinder is to be policy free.  The policy comes from
the OSGi delegation model + the Equinox buddy policy.  We should avoid
building such a policy into the ContextFinder.  It is inevitable that
there are scenarios where a built in policy would not work.  The policy
should be specified by the bundle (e.g. DynamicImport-Package,
Eclipse-BuddyPolicy etc.) and not kept in a global ContextFinder TCCL.