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[equinox-dev] ContextFinder stops at first bundle class loader


Is there a specific reason why the ContextFinder stops at the first
bundle class loader?

I'm trying to integrate an existing framework into the SSE world. During
de-serialization it wants to load classes and the ContextFinder would be
really helpful here but it stops at the first bundle class loader which
prevents a good bundle architecture.

* ConcreteServlet definied in mybundle
* ConcreteServlet extends BaseServlet
* BaseServlet defined in frameworkbundle
* mybundle imports package for BaseServlet from frameworkbundle
* BaseServlet#decode(Request) calls code in frameworkbundle which uses
context class loader which triggers ContextFinder to load classes
(defined in mybundle)
* ContextFinder stops at frameworkbundle's class loader but
frameworkbundle does not see classes in mybundle.

If ContextFinder would simply look further and try additional bundle
class loaders up in the stack it would eventually get to mybundle's
class loader and everything would work.

Is there a specific reason for this design? I could imagine that there
could by some circularity or other problems. But if there was no
specific reason I wonder if I should open an enhancement request for


Gunnar Wagenknecht