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[equinox-dev] Differences in classloading between standard activators and Declarative Services

Hi all,


I have a quick question about a possible difference I am noticing between the way classes are loaded in standard Equinox activators and the DS SCR in equinox 3.4.I20071023-0800.


Specifically, when transitioning to DS, I have started running into exceptions that I see commonly when Swing cannot acquire the L&F classes it needs.  I have solved these problems in the standard activator scenario by:

1)       Making sure that bundles that introduce new L&F classes export those classes

2)       Having the bundles that wind up triggering these Swing look-ups include DynamicImport-Package: * in their manifest.


What seems to be the case is that the SCR is not honoring that DynamicImport-Package statement, because when I switch to those services being started via DS, I run into the errors again. Those errors look like this:


UIDefaults.getUI() failed: no ComponentUI class for: javax.swing.JMenuItem…


            at javax.swing.UIDefaults.getUIError(UIDefaults.java:691)

            at javax.swing.MultiUIDefaults.getUIError(MultiUIDefaults.java:117)

            at javax.swing.UIDefaults.getUI(UIDefaults.java:721)

            at javax.swing.UIManager.getUI(UIManager.java:860)

            at javax.swing.JMenuItem.updateUI(JMenuItem.java:208)

            at javax.swing.JMenuItem.init(JMenuItem.java:170)

            at javax.swing.JMenuItem.<init>(JMenuItem.java:119)



To restate the difference clearly, the same services started via OSGi activator do not produce the errors, where the DS start-up does.


Any insight or suggestions for a better solution to the Swing L&F issues would be appreciated.



-Mike Furtak

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