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Re: [equinox-dev] ConcurrentModificationException in DS implementation

Equinox has retired the old DS implementation in favor of the prosyst implementation. The old implementation never officially made it out of "incubator" status. Our plan is to graduate the DS implementation contributed by Prosyst in 3.4. To be clear, the new DS implementation contributed by Prosyst is now *the* Equinox DS implementation.

Can someone from the Prosyst team go through the existing bug reports against the old DS implementation and confirm they cannot be reproduced on the new DS implementation. All of these bugs should be closed as worksforme if they are not reproduced on the new DS implementation.


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[equinox-dev] ConcurrentModificationException in DS implementation


I encountered an issue related to the lack of thread-safe in Declarative Service resolver.

I found the similar bug 164574

There is also a patch already provided by the bug's originator. My question is why this defect is still in NEW state and why this patch was not applied to DS implementation (I am talking about Equinox DS implementation not ProSyst).

The last exposed on Equinox download site ds jar is:


but this patch was provided later? However it is not applied to any official Equinox version.

The patch is available:

What is the Equinox's decision?

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