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[equinox-dev] Best time to engage

I've been following the p2 project fairly closely and the closer it gets to a stable API, the more interesting it gets for us (Buckminster) to be able to integrate with it. I regret that I missed the opportunity to attend the provisioning workshop in September as I'm sure that would have been a great opportunity to touch base.

Reading the p2 plan I can see that you are now close to the M3 milestone (November 2) and I'm wondering if that would be a good time for the Buckminster team to start the integration work needed in order to consume your model artifacts. Do you consider your model fairly stable at this point or will it be significantly modified in the coming milestones?

I was trying to find the XML schemas for the various artifacts mentioned but I wasn't able to. Are they published somewhere?

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hallgren