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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] p2 / browser integration

Jeff McAffer wrote:
> Hey Markus,


> For the most part we are looking for door #2, currently running
> eclipses.  In fact, there are a couple usecases in that space.  One is
> to find existing agents that can be asked to do provisioning operations.
>  One example here is double click on a short cut or hitting a web link.
>  That would run a small program that does some discovery and then having
> found an agent/eclipse, talk to it to do something (open file, start
> something, provision something, ...).  The other that is related
> involves "kicking" a running Eclipse when the p2 agent has updated the
> profile being run.  Here the profile has been changed for some reason
> and the agent wants to discover all running instances of the profile and
> tell them about the change.  Largely the same but driven slightly
> differently.  Of course, since we have the potential to manage things
> remotely, would be good to discover and kick things that are remote.
>  Actually down that front there is also the desire to discover artifact
> and metadata repos that are available in the network.

All this should be covered by ECF discovery. The
IServiceID and IServiceTypeID let you precisely specify/qualify your

> As for discovering things on disk, that is interesting as well for some
> initial install cases but is not on the top of the list.

Where is it on the list? If it's scheduled for Ganymede, we might want
to investigate how far we can get with Ogechi's SOC project.

> Its great that you are interested in helping here.  In particular, can
> you point to some easy example code of both what someone has to do to
> make themselves discoverable and what someone else has to do to discover
> people?  Perhaps a simple app that starts up and advertises and then
> another app that starts up, discovers and sends a message to the first
> would be an excellent example?

I'm currently refactoring the discovery JUnit test
cases and adopting 2.0 API changes. Hopefully they serve as
good API examples once I'm done. But this might take some time for me to
finish. I'll ping once I'm done.