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RE: [equinox-dev] [prov] p2 / browser integration

Could you guys check out what done of our student did this summer to address
that very issue? http://wiki.eclipse.org/Google_Summer_of_Code_2007


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> I'd like to submit this as a feature request, but wanted to
> solicit feedback here first.  Apologies 
> for the long post.
> =======
> (BTW, in this feature request I'm a bit loose with the
> terminology re: site.xml, features, etc... I 
> realize this has all changed in p2, but I'm sticking with the 
> old terms since they make more sense 
> in this discussion).
> One of the major pain points with the old UpdateManager is
> that users must create remote sites by 
> typing the update site URL manually into the UM dialog.  9 
> times out of 10, the URL is copied & 
> pasted from the browser, and the user is most likely going to 
> install the only feature available in 
> the site.xml (as advertised on the web page he copied the link from).
> I see two possible approaches for providing better
> integration between the browser and Eclipse. 
> Both assume we have a native application capable of handing 
> the site URL and other information into p2.
> 1. Register a file handler for the meta-data file extension
> with the OS.  The browser would then 
> prompt the user to download or open the file using the 
> associated file handler.  This would require 
> a custom and unique file extension (*.ep2) to avoid conflict 
> with other applications.
> 2. Register a URI handler (such as eclipse://) with the OS.
> The feature publisher would build a 
> link to his update site URL (and possibly the name of the 
> feature to be auto-installed).  When 
> clicked, the browser will pass the entire link to our native 
> application.
> Once the native application has been launched with this site
> information (whether by URI or file 
> extension), it would need a way to pass the information to 
> the p2 install agent.  Of course we may 
> have 0-N eclipse instances running (with 0-N p2 agents as 
> well?) so we would need to handle each of 
> these scenarios.  At first glance the safest and most 
> flexible approach might be to store the 
> site/feature information to a temporary file where a p2 
> directory watcher could find it.
> I realize this is a fairly complex scenario, but it would
> enchance the user experience considerably. 
>   Some best practice docs and a few sample Eclipse feature 
> download button images (seach for 
> "Firefox extensions" and notice the Firefoxy install buttons) 
> would go a long way, and possibly 
> encourage early-adoption of p2 by feature providers.
> =====
> Thoughts?
> -Brett
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