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Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] p2 / browser integration

I agree the native pieces will be a PITA to support across multiple platforms, although I think the native touchpoints in p2 might give us the necessary hooks for some platforms (ie: registry keys).

There is an open bug for the p2 install agent to control running Eclipse instances, so I wonder if that could be used to populate a dialog of available profiles (running or not) where the download request could be sent.

I find myself leaning towards the URI handler (versus file extension) approach, since that wouldn't require a new package or file format. Passing the information via a URL seems more web-friendly since it can be dynamically generated, although there are more security concerns too.

Of course the "native" application doesn't have to be native, it could just be the Install Agent launcher with some special args. Are there plans for a standalone p2 agent installer/launcher/app? Could Maynstall be a good home for this functionality?


Chris Aniszczyk wrote:
So, I'm 100% for where you going as have raised concerns before (http://mea-bloga.blogspot.com/2006/10/what-eclipse-can-learn-from-firefox.html).

The problem with native stuff is that it's a pain to deal with on various platforms. In my product work, we've gone the way of #2 as that provides more flexibility in what you can instruct your Eclipse to do. In our case, this was easy as our product only ever has one instance running. This is more complicated in the typical Eclipse scenario of multiple instances... ie., which instance should respond to my download request if I have multiple Eclipse's running?