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[equinox-dev] [prov] new update checker plugins

I've just added two updatechecker plugins to the project set.

        This is a plug-in that registers an UpdateChecker service, which you can use to register for notifications when a given profile has updates available.

        This is a little application that defines arguments for calling the update checker for a specified profile and a given polling length.
        There is a launch config included, for example using the args
                -profile Test -poll 10000 -trace
        will check the profile whose id is "Test" for updates every 10 seconds.

I'm currently working on using the UpdateChecker service in the UI, but am still working on the pref pages/policies, etc.  But this will let you play with it in the meantime if you need automatic update checking....

The UpdateChecker is a very naive implementation, so anyone who wants to optimize it, feel free...  ;-)