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[equinox-dev] Shared profile as an IU in user profile


I've finally gotten some other fires under control and I'm back to
working on the shared install stuff.  I've gotten the tests that Tim and
I wrote working, but I have a question to ask the list:

- what's the best way to represent what's in the shared profile as an IU
  in the user profile?
I had previously written a method similar to FormerState#profileToIU but
now just copied that into my test.  I think this is probably fine, but I
had to comment out the setRequiredCapabilities call because with it
there, the IUs in the shared profile were all being copied into the user
profile.  I guess that is a potential solution, but it's more in line
with what we're trying to accomplish if we just reference the IUs in the
shared profile.

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts.



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